KING CHROME: authentic, wild, merciless

With their second album Ridin' Shotgun the Stuttgart based quartet KING CHROME kicks all Metal conventions seriously in the ass.
They call their genre Fukk-U-Core which means: KING CHROME (KC) give a shit about stereotypes. The 13 new songs on Ridin' Shotgun invoke memories from the worlds of Pantera, Hatebreed and Anthrax. They thrash, groove, hardcore and - yes! - now and again even touch some bluesy tunes. Frontman Jakk Daviz' striking husky shouts perfectly blend with this edgy and bone dry mixture.
From beginning to end the whole album is a pure slap in the face; Ridin' Shotgun will be available on July 8 through Bleeding Nose Records..
Quotes for “Ridin' Shotgun“
Joey Zampella (Life Of Agony): "Really digging the fact that King Chrome has an original sound and style. It's not very often lately that I hear a band write tunes outside the box and take chances. Nice work fellas..."
Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided): "If Phil Anselmo smeared himself in mutagen ooze and the last creature he was ever in contact with was Lemmy Kilimister, an unholy metamorphosis would occur. Suggest this hellspawn would mate with Metallica and you infuse the bastard son with a dash of New York hardcore in the fontanel straight at birth. The adult being of this catalyst, that you are facing now, is King Chrome's new album; "Ridin' Shotgun". If you do not like those ingredients, do us all a favor and jump of the planet. Because this is exactly what I needed this Friday afternoon!"
Maurice (Legion of The Damned): "King Chrome is grooving straight forward without obstacles. Great album, great voice! The King is back!"
Zoltan Farkas (Ektomorf): "King Chrome kick ass! Check ‘em out!"
Chuck Billy (Testament): “These guys sound like Danzig... just better!“
Anders Johansson (ex Hammerfall): “Straight in your face, aggressive and tight - Volbeat on Crack!
Tom Goober (The Toy Dolls): “Dangerous rock and roll from deep in Southern Germany; together with a driving force and memorable tunes this Wrecking Crew smash it both live and on record. They back it all up with a strong do it yourself work ethic!“
Alex Scholpp (Tarja Turunen, Farmer Boys, Tieflader): “King Chrome liefern mit “Ridin' Shotgun“ fetten 5- liter- V8- metall! Tightes riffing mit coolen vocals und die grooves walzen alles platt!”


Current Album
King Chrome - Ridin' Shotgun:

Current Video
KING CHROME - Busted Knuckles & Swollen Wrists: 


 Heavy guitar riffing feels like a brutal slap in the face

Stereotypes? Conventions? Hell, no! Sense of tradition? But of course - the 13 songs on Ridin' Shotgun by CHROME KING honor many distinguished names in Metal: One believes to be reminded of Metallica, Hatebreed, Pantera and Anthrax. With its second album the Stuttgart based four-pack delivers once more an impressive momentum in telling buttoned up critics and metal-traditionalists to fuck off. It appears on the July 8 through the Stuttgart based label Bleeding Nose Records.

No wonder that even one of the big ones gets all excited. Joey Z, cofounder of the New York based band Life of Agony, goes into raptures over these four blokes: "Really digging the fact that KING CHROME has an original sound and style. It's not very often lately that I hear a band take chances." With that he summons up the quartet's style; they themselves call their genre Fukk-U-Core. Meaning: We give a shit about (almost) anything! 

Frontman and guitarist Jakk Daviz is very proud of the new album: "In comparison to our first record we clearly outdid ourself's on Ridin' Shotgun." The songs are more versatile, more profound and more structured. And the lyrics actually seem to be carved out of reality. Fury and grief, criticism of politics, religion and authority - "they read like a cross section of our life, like a summary of the last five years", explains Daviz.

This life reports about hard work, stresses and strains. And hands which aren't spared in the everyday life also do not go easy on the instruments. One hears this – the sound is rough, edgy, very close to the listener. Hardcore, Rap and now and again even Blues weld this Old-School-Metal into a tantalizing mix. Shouter Jakk Daviz punctuates this surprising inferno, hammers the lyrics together like square timbers turning them into weapons. It's refreshing archaic and antiauthoritarian at the same time.

After years of travel the four are a confirmed team. Since their early days in 2006, at that time still simply called Chrome, they've rocked the stage. Since the renaming in CHROME KING in 2008 they have performed countless times in Germany, in Belgium and on a three-week tour in Finland. They supported bands like the rock and hardcore punk veterans Corrosion Of Conformity from North Carolina and the Swedish Prog rockers Graveyard. Also KING CHROME appeared alongside names like Testament, Sepultura and Hatebreed.

Apart from that CHROME KING rocked festivals like Metallergrillen Open Air and the Ragnarock Open Air. On occasions like this these guys stand on stage in their characteristic worker shirts which barely hide their tattoos. However, the outfit is the only choreographed part in a KING CHROME show. "We do not pretend or deliver planed actions. No posing. Simply real!" comments Jakk Daviz. Instead he grooves, thrashes and hardcores with guitarist Marko Sirac, basisst Sasch K. and drummer Fry until the stage beams bend.

This daunting energy is to be heard up to now on four publications - three EPs (Chrome, in 2007, King Chrome, 2008, and the 2012 Soundmann Sessions), as well as the debut album from 2011: Whatever It takes. Ridin' Shotgun joins them on the July 8 as number five. It might earn similar recognition as the debut, which the magazine Legacy called a "first-class soundtrack with catchy melodies". And the online- platform Metalschä stated: "Who digs sudorific, melodic riffs, blistering rhythm sections and an overpowering singer, is well served with this band."

Line Up:
Sasch K. – bass | Marko Sirac – guitars | Jakk Daviz – vocals | Fry – drums




"Mindead" will lift-off with their strong album "Controlling the tides". The four guys from Germany let the predecessor "Abandon all hope" from 2008 behind and present "Controlling the tides" a New Metal / Modern Metal first-class firework. From energetic Riffmonsters to soulful ballads takes the listener a facility arranged song material packaged in a modern sound.


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Frontman Timo Fielker and drummer Benjamin Hölle met in 2001 to turn the MINDEAD concept into sound. Right from the beginning the focus was on rhythmic metal that would thrill with anthemic character. MINDEAD were quickly established in the local scene surrounding Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. The next goal was to break free from the confines of local stardom: the debut album "Abandon all hope" was released in the late summer of 2008. The album boasts eleven highly energetic tracks.

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