Greek metal with mythology references? Septicflesh, naturally. But it can get much more snappy. More this-worldly. The Athens based quintet MinthreaT demonstrates how on their debut album Black Dreams. The ten songs march straight into the cerebral cortex and trigger our like button. Black Dreams appear April 27, 2018 through Bleeding Nose Records.



“On Black Dreams we struggle to explore the nature of humanity and how the elements of modern civilization have erased our personalities“, frontman Anton Mess summarizes the album’s intention. The fact that the songs relate to the antique mythology seems almost natural for a Greek band. It’s a heritage, which wants to be used.


So when Anton Mess roars about Sleeping Giants and Half Remembered Gods he is not only accompanied by brute riffs, flung with the rage of Zeus’s flashes. MinthreaT unroll a carpet of orchestral instrumentation, mixed with a set of catchy choirs. A hymn Homer could not have wrote better. “If there's something that makes MinthreaT special that's the most important element of our music: The unforgettable chorus of every song“, Anton Mess sums up. Hubris? No. Rather the result of pertinaciously polishing each harmony. 


A result, which is probably only possible because the band answers for every step of the production chain itself: from the songwriting up to the mastering and further to the music video. And if the first guitarist happens to also be an actor while the second teaches harmony of music and works as a filmmaker, the outcome is not going to be amateurish monotony – but polished art. That’s MinthreaT. Here professionalism pairs off with many years’ experience.


No wonder. MinthreaT have walked a long way to Black Dreams. The first two EPs, both self-produced and self-released still distribute decidedly hard: Amidst your Bloodlines from the foundation year 2011 as well as Where the Lights are dead (2013). Only with the third EP People are Tragedy (2015) the Greeks have become more melodic. Anton Mess: “We have landed a big hit with that change – our fans seem to like the new style even more.”


For these fans the five pack has worked quite hard during the past years. By playing countless gigs all over Greece. By supporting bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Comeback Kids, Deez Nuts and Wolfhearts. By festival appearances in Wacken (Germany), the Romanian Rockstadt Extremefest and Carpathian Alliance (Ukraine). Besides, Redbull for MTV Greece filmed MinthreaT. And the band had a live broadcast of an acoustic show in national television plus interviews with MTV Greece and MAD TV.


Black Dreams will be released April 27, 2018 through Bleeding Nose Records.


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