How does Jan Böhmermann sound when hardcored? Like TBS on their newest EP. All four tracks give a fat respect to genre-heroes of gangster rap – from Toni D to KIZ. But in their own way – with brute guitar-walls over heavy double bass thunder. To this frontmen Alex and Matsches rap and shout their innards away. And Böhmermann? By TBS he suddenly sounds properly wasted…

68 Undercover will be digitally released through Bleeding Nose Records on January 5th, 2018.


Chart entries:

#4: German Spotify Top Viral 50 All Genre

#42: German iTunes Top 200 Rock

#76: German Deezer Top 300 All Genre

#160: German iTunes Top 200 All Genre​:




Google Play Music​:


Concerning Greece and metal one naturally thinks of Septicflesh and their mythological epos of death. But it can get much more snappy. More this-worldly. The Greeks fellow-countrymen, MinthreaT, demonstrate how. With smacking double bass and staccato riffs over epic choral inserts. Frontman Anton Mess shouts, roars and ralphs, only to purr angelically immediately after. 


MinthreaT’s debut album Black Dreams appears April 27, 2018 through Bleeding Nose Records.

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